Drakeball Super
Jan 21, 2022


🎁Road from $2,5 to $8

A gift for all old Investors. But $8 is not our final target, we want to make DrakeBall great again


5 days after, Drake Eggs will be hatched, and new users can play our game by buying S.Chars on Marketplace, huge potential waiting

Remember SBALL in every Breed Fee will return to a wallet and burn a big portion.

⚖️Total supply of SBALL = 25.000.000 and will be deflation faster than inflation





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📌Website (https://cryptodball.io/)
📌Gameplay (https://universe.cryptodball.io/)
📌Telegram Channel (https://t.me/DrakeBallSuperAnn)
📌Telegram Group (https://t.me/CryptoDrakeBall)
🔹Twitter (https://twitter.com/DrakeballSuper)
🔹Discord (https://discord.gg/ebKaCtcEpw)
🔹Medium (https://drakeball-super.medium.com/)
🔹Gitbook (http://docs.cryptodball.io/)



Drakeball Super

CryptoDrakeBall, #Playtoearn $DBALL the place to bring the legendary world of dragons in comics and movies to digital, building a #Playtoearn ecosystem